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The UNC CS Alumni Mentor Program is designed to facilitate a professional development relationship between alumni/industry mentors and current students in the Department of Computer Science.  Students will receive professional expertise and guidance regarding various workplace environments from participating mentors in diverse careers. Mentors will be able to develop new skills, network with fellow industry mentors, and maintain a connection with the UNC-Chapel Hill Computer Science Department.  Professional competencies as outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers will be used to measure both program and mentee success. The mentoring hub for participants can be found on the platform, PeopleGrove in the Fall of 2022.

Our inaugural cohort at the kickoff celebration held in Google’s Chapel Hill Office in September 2019. The 2019-2020 year involved alumni from 22 different companies and 6 industries, with over 80 participants.


The structure of this program involves a 1:1 partnership, with an alumnus/industry mentor who is matched with a current sophomore, junior, or senior student in the Department. Mentees will receive career development guidance from the industry mentor, and have opportunities to network and enhance their professional communication skills in various activities such as industry panels, job shadowing and company visits. The program will begin at the start of the academic year, with a social and launch event that will allow both mentors and mentees to meet face-to-face for the first time (if not prior to).